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'Way to Walcott'   Exhibition 2015

With sketch book, sleeping bags, and packs of dried food,
in 2002 Steve and I set off on a sixty five km return
trek on the Charnley River, in the remote
North West Kimberley.
Catching Sooty Grunter for our tea and cooking them over a
 camp fire in the river bed, we watched the silver jets
soaring overhead in the twilight.
Once they had finished their trails across the sky, we lay
and watched the stars, listening to the sounds of the night.
The howling of dingoes, the curlew’s mournful cries and
strange rustlings nearby didn’t keep me awake for long.
Scrambling through spinifex, rock hopping, trudging through deep river sand and clambering over rock ledges
made sure I slept well on my first venture
into that wilderness.

A bus trip two years earlier gave me a brief glimpse of
the area and I was determined to return to
this ancient country.
After living and working in the desert for forty years
the rivers and flora were overwhelming.
Since then I have been really fortunate to spend a lot
of time on the Charnley and Calder Rivers,
heading into the Walcott Inlet twice on the
rugged Munja Track.
We have camped for a number of weeks at locations off the Gibb River Road, giving me time to sketch and paint
as reference for my second solo exhibition “Way to Walcott”.

Last August, fire swept across the road east of Roebuck Roadhouse at the start of another Kimberley experience.
Two years previously I painted in the bed of
the Manning River with ash churning in the air,
settling into my acrylic

painting bellsfalla

Painting at Bells Falls

w11 daglish

        'Daglish on Duty'

w5 hardingdusk

       'Harding Dusk'


'Lookout for the Tide'

w8karlsdancer                       wunnam

               'Karls Dancer'                                           
                      'Wunumarra Burnt'


'Arch's Approach'


'Tidal Fields'



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